Sunday, June 10, 2007


Baby j (the kid) has become quite an independent soul. After waking up at some ungodly hour in the morning and our desperate attempts to get extra minutes of shut eye, we all get up to eat breakfast. The husband goes and gets bagels and coffee while I start to get the kid ready for his cereal. I pour his bowl and give him a mini cup with milk to pour himself and told him to get his super big spoon. So, he is all set up and ready to have breakfast. Suddenly, Mr. Independence decided that he didn’t need to eat and declared that he wasn’t hungry. He HAD to play cars in the other room.

When he insisted that he had to go watch a show in the den we told him that he couldn’t until he ate 2 bites of his delicious Captn Crunch which was peacefully waiting on the table, dying to be eaten. After much whining, pleading and negotiating he finally caved and ate his 2 bites of his cereal. I guess what was supposed to be 2 spoonfuls to us was 2 single pieces of cereal.

Kudos to the kid for outsmarting his parents. 2 is 2 and we had to give him that.

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